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Start and run your fund or SPV - so you can focus on making deals

Sydecar is a frictionless deal execution platform for venture capitalists which standardizes private investing, enabling capital allocators to identify and back entrepreneurs who are changing the world.
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📈 Portfolio Management

Enhance productivity within VC, PE & Startup teams

Rundit is the best-in-class Portfolio Management and LP Reporting platform to enhance productivity and better communication for Venture Capital, Private Equity and Limited Partners.
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📈 Portfolio Management

A trusted source of insight for successful data-driven VCs

Vestberry is portfolio management and reporting software helping investment funds manage their capital smarter.
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📈 Portfolio Management

Founder-friendly portfolio monitoring & management

Visible is a founders-first portfolio monitoring and reporting solution used by 400+ Venture Capital investors around the world.
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🔎 Data & Deal Sourcing

The complete startup database

Harmonic AI is the startup discovery tool trusted by VCs and sales teams in search of breakout companies.
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Frequently asked questions

Just a few words on why we created this website and who built it.

Why does VC Stack exist?

We spent a lot of time looking at the stack differents VC use and have seen the challenges from the inside. Hundreds of tools for different use-cases, geographies, non-transparent pricing, and no reviews at all. So we decided to change that and came up with VC Stack to support investors with everything besides the real investing.

Who curated the tools?

We collected all tools on our website from different sources and articles around the web. Furthermore we asked our VC friends to share their current stack.

I think a tool or category is missing?

100%. VC Stack is and always will be work in progress. You can submit a product or new category here. We will regularly update the database to stay up to date and empower everyone to pick the tools they like.

Who is behind VC Stack?

Just two guys that are passionate about the Startup & VC ecosystem. Max and Sina are Co-Founders of Wizard Ventures - a venture studio that builds and operates projects for founders and investors. Some of the projects are Startup&VC (venture capital job board), BaseTemplates (fundraising templates) and PitchDeckHunt (collection of pitch decks).

How can I help?

The easiest way. Tell us which tools you like and why they solve a problem for you or share the current stack at your firm. The hard way. Reach out to us via mail or twitter and jump right into building with us.

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The community would love to see and hear about the tools you are using in your venture firm.

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