Automate your LP Reporting process with a game-changer innovation

Jolie Pham
Marketing @ Rundit
Automate your LP Reporting process with a game-changer innovation

Rundit recently launched an LP Report Builder, which automates the creation and sharing of LP Reports.

Transparency from fund managers is critical for LP’s. Across the private markets, LPs place greater pressure on fund managers to provide quarterly reporting with in-depth details about the fund and its portfolio performance data.

Recently - on August 23rd, 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules and amendments under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (Advisers Act) to enhance the regulation of private fund advisers. The new rules require private fund advisers registered with the Commission to:  Provide investors with quarterly statements detailing information regarding private fund performance, fees, and expenses.

Enter the interactive LP report, a game-changing tool that's poised to transform how GPs and LPs collaborate.

Why GPs Love It:

1. Time Efficiency

Rundit's LP Report Builder streamlines LP reporting, automating data entry and providing a comprehensive report in one place. No more manual data wrangling – just efficient reporting.

Rundit’s LP Report Builder allows VC/PE clients to build reports in minutes, and offers a real-time view of the investor’s portfolio. It is EIF-Invest Europe-ILPA compliant, and this new interactive and transparent approach creates more trust and credibility for fund managers and their LPs. See the example here.

2. Easy Accessibility

Interactive LP reports offer a digital, user-friendly experience that GPs prefer over traditional methods. Sharing data is as easy as a click, fostering better collaboration.

Rundit’s interactive LP report is designed specifically for digital screens and provides a hassle-free experience, allowing LPs to quickly and easily access the data they need on any device. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Rundit’s LP Report Builder allows customization to fit the VC’s unique brand identity, creating a consistent and professional look and feel. The LP Reports are easily accessible without the need for LP Portals and LPs can extract Excel files for their own systems.

Why LPs Are Fans Too:

1. Data Accuracy and Security

Interactive LP reports minimize errors and provide a secure way to share data. Furthermore, digital presentations provide a more secure method of sharing and storing data compared to traditional PDFs, which can be shared without consent and potentially lead to data breaches.

2. Easy Access

Interactive LP reports simplify the cumbersome process associated with traditional LP portals and eliminate the need for time-consuming sign-up procedures. Rundit's downloadable Excel integration seamlessly integrates with the systems LPs might already use, making investment monitoring a breeze.

The combination of Rundit’s portfolio management and monitoring solution together with the LP Report, is category-defining. The fund data (Fund Performance, Capital Accounts, GP Fees, Cash Flow & Net IRR) is an Excel plug-in, which means GPs will be up and running in no time - without the tedious onboarding. 

Rundit’s LP Report Builder empowers GPs and LPs to communicate more effectively, streamline processes, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Embrace the shift; it's the next big step in venture capital evolution.