Top Podcasts for VC & Angel Investors

Ajey Bhasker
VC Stack Expert
Top Podcasts for VC & Angel Investors

The podcast market is saturated. 

It is really hard to narrow down a shortlist that is tailored to VC investors, focusing specifically on investment strategy and tips to investing. The below list is curated with just that focus. After reviewing 100+ podcasts, the below 22 were identified and ordered based on frequency of release. 

The speakers on these podcasts have a wealth of experience as Angels, VCs, Founders and/or other leaders in the VC ecosystem. Given the fast paced nature of VC, this list only comprises podcasts that continue to release episodes on a periodic basis. Enjoy! 

#PodcastGuest SpeakersFrequencyGeographyApple Podcast Rating ( / 5)
1EU VCVCs2 / weekEurope-
220VCVCs2 / weekGlobal4.4
3VC10XAngels, VCs2 / weekGlobal-
4Seed to HarvestAngels, VCs1 / weekGlobal5
5The Full RatchetAngels, VCs1 / weekGlobal-
6Investor ConnectAngels, VCs, CEOs1 / weekGlobal-
7The Desi VCAngels, VCs1 / weekIndia5
8The Consumer VCVCs1 / weekGlobal4.9
9Vitalize PodcastAngels, VCs, Founders1 / weekGlobal5
10Stonks Angel InvestingAngels, VCs, Founders1 / weekGlobal5
11Masters of CashflowAngels, VCs2 / monthSouth East Asia5
12Bangladesh AngelsAngels, Founders2 / monthBangladesh-
13Angel Invest BostonAngels, Founders2 / monthUS, Global5
14The Angel Next DoorAngels1 / monthUS, Global5
15The LatAm Venture Capital PodcastVCs, Founders1 / monthLatin America-
16Karen Rands - The Compassionate Capitalist ShowAngels, Crowdfunding investors1 / monthGlobal4.9
17The Pitch DeckAngels, Founders1 / monthUK, Global4.9
18The Angel NestAngels, Founders1 / monthGlobal-
19Invest in The FutureAngels1 / monthAfrica-
20Drinks with a VCVCs1 / quarterGlobal5
21Playing with UnicornsAngels, VCs, Founders1 / quarterGlobal-
22OriginsVCs (focus on LPs)1 / quarterGlobal-
23AngelList India RadioAngels, Founders1 / quarterIndia-

EU VC Podcast

#1 - The European VC

Publisher: Andreas Munk Holm and David Cruz e Silva


EU VC is building and leading operator LP syndicates for the best founders, angels and VCs in Europe. The hosts connect with Europe’s GPs on their thesis, strategies and operations. It is a one stop shop for everything European VC. As one customer review described it: “They have a great lineup of guests in their episodes. The content really helps me as a new VC fund manager.

#2 - The Twenty Minute VC

Publisher: Harry Stebbings


20VC offers an inside view into venture capital and the startup ecosystem. Harry interviews venture capitalists who have had successful exits and deep dives into their decision making process. Venture capitalists also provide their analysis of the current technology market, providing advice and suggestions on the latest investing trends and predictions. The guests paint a broad stroke of the technology landscape and the importance of investing in the right ideas and people that will make those ideas a reality.

#3 - VC10X

Publisher: Prashant Choubey


Prashant interviews the world's top VCs & angel investors on their investing thesis, fundraising, LPs, valuations, diversification, return expectations, value-add, exits, and more. The insights shared here are relevant to angel investors, VCs and founders.

#4 - Seed to Harvest

Publisher:  Paige Finn Doherty


Seed to Harvest, hosted by Paige Finn Doherty, highlights stories, frameworks & tactics from a diverse array of investors, founders, and creators. If you're interested in investing or building a business, this show is for you!

#5 - The Full Ratchet

Publisher: Nick Moran


A podcast dedicated to demystifying Venture Capital. Nick Moran interviews VC and Angel investor experts on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great technology startups. Scoring 4.9 out of 5 on Apple Podcasts from 260+ reviews, it is religiously followed by the world’s leading angels and VCs to keep up with people, funds and trends in the industry. As one customer review stated “I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have followed up with business deals based on guests he has interviewed. If you want to truly know what is happening in the startup financing world, The Full Ratchet is a must-listen.

#6 - Investor Connect Podcast

Publisher: Hall Martin


Hall Martin interviews angel and venture capital investors on how they invest and talks with CEOs who discuss their sector and what to look for. Hall Martin also leads the Startup Funding Espresso series in which you can learn about startup funding and investing in the time it takes to have an espresso. Note that the episodes can only be accessed from the above website. 

#7 - The Desi VC: Indian Venture Capital

Publisher: Akash Bhat


Akash interviews angel investors and venture capitalists investing in tech startups in India across all sectors. Tune in to hear India’s leading investors discuss current trends in venture capital and touch upon topics such as fund-raising, valuation, pricing, business models, exit scenarios and sustainable investing among others. As one customer review described it “the best podcast on VC and tech in India”.

#8 - The Consumer VC

Publisher: Mike Gelb


Mike interviews some of the top venture capitalists in the world that focus on B2C and consumer type companies or have a deep track record investing in these categories such as marketplaces, SaaS, social, CPG and non-tech subscription. His objective is to provide value to those who want to learn more about early stage investing, have a b2c startup, or are interested in starting a b2c startup. Scoring 4.9 out of 5 on Apple podcasts from 120+ ratings, one customer review commented “One of best places to get under the hood of consumer investing generally and go deep on specific verticals

#9 - The Vitalize Podcast 

Publisher: Vitalize Venture Capital (hosted by Justin Gordon)


The Vitalize Podcast dives deep into the world of startup investing and the future of work. Hosted by Justin Gordon, it features interviews with startup founders, investors, and operators as well experts in the future of work. The Angel Investing series features interviews with a variety of angel investors and VCs around the world while the Future of Work series dives deep into the founders and investors shaping the workplace. As one customer review stated: “The Vitalize Podcast has quickly become a favorite in my feed, and I truly look forward to every episode.” 

#10 - Stonks Angel Investing Podcast

Publisher: Ali Moiz


Ali interviews the best angels, emerging managers and VC investors on his show. He touches on a range of topics from crypto and deep tech to market trends and advice for founders and investors. 

  • Frequency: 1 episode / week
  • Average Length: 33 mins
  • Launched: March 2021

#11 - The Masters of Cashflow

Publisher: Andrew Senduk


The Masters of Cashflow podcast is dedicated to demystifying Venture Capital in South East Asia. Andrew Senduk interviews the leading VCs and Angel Investors on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great technology startups. As one customer review commented “As an investor in Southeast Asia, this show offers great perspective on what other funds are doing … Simply put, Andrew’s questions and research yield great conversations”.

#12 - Bangladesh Angels

Publisher: Bangladesh Angels Network


Bangladesh Angels is the nation's first and largest angel investment network created with a mission to nurture innovation & entrepreneurship in Bangladesh by connecting innovative startups to both local & global investors. The podcast shares insights into angel investing from experienced angel investors and startup founders all over the world.

#13 - Angel Invest Boston

Publisher: Sal Daher


By recounting engaging stories, angels and founders convey lessons they have learned. These narratives illustrate the rewards of helping founders commercialize transformative technologies. With 170+ reviews on Apple podcasts, the show has a perfect rating of 5 out of 5. As one customer review commented “I don’t have a lot of time, but I always make time to listen to this podcast. Sal is an incredibly perceptive, inquisitive, and capable host.

#14 - The Angel Next Door 

Publisher: Marcia Dawood


The Angel Next Door is a podcast about how people got started investing in startup companies. Hosted by Marcia Dawood, the podcast demystifies the angel investing process. Tune in to hear stories of what angel investing is, who does it and why.

  • Frequency: 1 episode / month
  • Average Length: 30 mins
  • Launched: September 2021

#15 - The LatAm Venture Capital Podcast

Publisher: Fernanda Sesto 


In The LatAm Venture Capital Podcast, venture capital investors and entrepreneurs are interviewed about their experiences, trends, markets and why LatAm is an amazing region to invest in. The host Fernanda is a business student who’s on a mission to break the gender gap in tech and make it accessible to everyone.

#16 - Karen Rands - The Compassionate Capitalist Show

Publisher: Karen Rands


Karen shares best practices for a common sense investor to learn to invest for wealth creation as an angel investor or crowdfunding investor. The show features conversations with business success experts, venture capitalists and leaders from the Angel Investor Community who provide insights on how to identify and screen the deals that can win, best practices to ensure the business can scale, and strategies to maximize the return on investment for generational wealth creation. 

#17 - The Pitch Deck

Publisher: Nick Telson


A startup founder has 10 minutes to pitch their business to Nick and guest angel investors/mentors. They then all discuss the pitch and the business itself, asking questions an investor would ask in a real pitch. The guest angel and Nick then discuss what they make of the business and investment opportunity. The podcast scores 4.9 out of 5 on Apple podcasts with one customer review commenting “insightful and interesting podcast that sheds light on the discussions angel investors have when evaluating startup businesses

#18 - The Angel Nest Podcast

Publisher: David Hemenway


Hosted by angel investor David Hemenway, the podcast examines a company's value proposition as seen through the vision of early investors, advisors and even customers. Each episode provides a compact snapshot of the business, traction with customers and the long-term vision of its founders. The Angel Nest helps connect business founders with strategic investors, advisors and customers.

  • Frequency: 1 episode / month
  • Average Length: 15 mins
  • Launched: Jul 2020

#19 - Invest in The Future

Publisher: Future Africa


Invest In The Future is a live fireside chat series by Future Africa to learn from prolific angel investors who have invested in and built some of the world's most impactful technology companies. Future Africa is a platform for mission-driven innovators and investors turning Africa's biggest challenges into global business opportunities.

#20 - Drinks with a VC

Publisher: Burkland Associates and Green Cow Venture Capital (hosted by Bree Hanson & Vikram Lakhwara)


Bree and Vikram aim to provide listeners with an unfiltered look at the individuals in the venture capital industry behind the yes or no investment decisions. Each week they dig into the life experiences and current events that shape their guest's mindset and approach to their craft, and try and have a few laughs in the process. As one customer review commented: “Enjoy the candor and vulnerability of the guests.

#21 - Playing with Unicorns

Publisher: Fabrice Grinda


Playing with unicorns is a new weekly show on startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital. Fabrice covers everything he learned as an entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist during the last 22 years. He focuses on everything he wished he knew when he first got started as a tech entrepreneur.

#22 - Origins | A podcast about Limited Partners

Publisher: Notation Capital (hosted by  Alex Lines and Nick Chirls)


Origins is a podcast about Limited Partners. Through a series of interviews, they explore what has historically been an opaque corner of the startup ecosystem and learn how the people behind the capital make decisions.

#23 - AngelList India Radio

Publisher: Team AngelList India


Conversations for founders and investors by the AngelList India team. These interviews are designed to help future and current founders get answers and for angel investors to improve their investing careers.